School-Based Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Crisis, emergency, disaster, catastrophe, tragedy, trauma….all words heard in schools. Almost every school has had or will have a major crisis at some point. Besides natural disasters, students experience violence and death related to the suicide of friends, gang activity, sexual violence and other events that may cause students to experience severe emotional reactions. Such experiences often threaten their sense of worth and perceived safety and well-being. 

As school staff, it is our responsibility to intervene so that students are not left to fend for themselves without necessary coping skills. Moreover, it is our responsibility to prepare and prevent as much as we can.

As a school psychologist, I am a trained Red Cross responder, as well as being trained and devoted to the PREPaRE Model:

P – prevent and prepare for psychological trauma
R – reaffirm physical health and perceptions of security and safety
E – evaluate psychological trauma risk
P – provide interventions
a – and
R – respond to psychological needs
E – examine the effectiveness of crisis prevention and intervention

Below you can find several helpful resources from the National Association of School Psychologists.

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