Within the RtI Framework, behavioral interventions work the same as academics.

Universal supports include School-Wide Positive Behavior Support efforts. Your school may have a school poster with a familiar acronym such as the picture below that encompasses the school’s character focus. Here is an example of a middle school poster in Scott County:

Along with the Guidelines for Success, schools will typically develop a matrix to teach students what each guideline looks like, and what it does NOT look like. This increases clarity and consistency across all staff members when referencing the guidelines. An example matrix is below:

Tier 2 supports include easy and simple behavior interventions that can be implemented by school staff efficiently. We have implemented the Check and Connect Program here and pair each student in Tier 2 with a mentor.

Tier 3 supports are much more individualized and typically involve consultation with other team members to identify target behaviors, specific interventions for those behaviors, and implementing a behavior check sheet to monitor daily progress.