Aside from the fact that I am Dolly Parton’s BIGGEST FAN, my name is Cristina Green and I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. I am currently in my 15th year in a public school district.

I am originally from West Carrollton, Ohio (Go Pirates!), although my heart has always been in Kentucky. I was probably born wearing blue and dribbling a basketball.  So of course when college application time rolled around, the University of Kentucky was my primary choice. I initially set out to become a Supreme Court Justice, but quickly found I probably wouldn’t make it through every history and government professor at UK. My second pathway was Pre-Pharmacy, but again found this wasn’t the right choice for me as most of my time was spent in the lab and away from people. Finally, I found my niche in the Psychology program and finished my Bachelor’s Degree in 2002. I immediately entered Graduate School, also at the University of Kentucky (GO CATS!), in the School Psychology program. While in the program, I completed two semesters of practicum and a year-long internship in my current school district. I completed all requirements for my Educational Specialist degree in 2005, and thankfully was able to stay on staff because it truly is a wonderful school district doing wonderful things.

For 12 years, I worked primarily at the middle school level, but I currently work in two elementary schools and am thrilled to be back with the little ones! I have worn many hats from the unofficial sports photographer for our school:), the cheerleader on the morning announcements, AND the Cardinal Mascot! I say if you want the students to have school spirit and take pride in their school, you have to show them how – so I try every day! I have also been the chairperson of my middle school’s School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Team (CARDS). My roles have always expanded far beyond that of a traditional testing model that has stigmatized the field of school psychology. So if you are fearful of that, shoot me an email and I’ll let you know what possibilities may await!

My interests have always been wide and varied as I see the whole field of school psychology as totally exciting. Although, as I have gained more experience, I have definitely noticed that my focus has began to hone in more on a few different areas. Whether that is due to the demands around me, or my own inner drive is uncertain:). Regardless, the list that seems to drive me the most right now includes:

  • Bullying/Relational Aggression
  • Risk Assessment/School Safety
  • School Wide Positive Behavior Support Initiatives (Ask me about the CARDS Program!)
  • Behavior in general (Improving Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Planning to make it more useful in the classroom)
  • Leadership 
  • Technology! I love me some technology! 🙂

Speaking of technology, I have developed this website as a resource for parents, students, and teachers in search of information related to all kinds of topics. My hope is that you will find the site informative and helpful!

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

Have a wonderful day!!